The Moyee Microlots

October 31, 2023 3 min read

The Moyee Microlots

What is a Microlot?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Moyee Microlots, where each cup tells a unique story. But what exactly is a Microlot roast? In the coffee world, a Microlot refers to a small, distinct lot of coffee produced with extraordinary care and attention to detail. These unique lots often yield only a limited number of bags yearly and are typically identified by their special quality, often with a cupping score of 85 or higher. Microlots are harvested from a particular plot of land, a specific band of altitude, and processed in a distinct way from the rest of the coffee on the farm. This special treatment amplifies their unique flavours and characteristics. In essence, a Microlot is a commitment to producing exceptional coffee, resulting in memorable coffee experiences that showcase the extraordinary qualities of each bean.

The Moyee Microlots are a celebration of the extraordinary, ever-changing flavours of coffee that make your taste buds dance. Every season, we're thrilled to unveil a fresh Microlot, and each one is a journey into different coffee flavours, origins, and captivating tales.

From the lush landscapes of Colombia to the vibrant hills of Kenya, our Microlots offer a wide array of coffee experiences. Some have even received more awards than others, but each one has a story to share.

Here are a few of our recent favourites:

Our journey through a collection of remarkable microlots over the past year began with a tribute to the incredible women shaping the coffee industry – Mountain Mama. This extraordinary blend from Uganda celebrated the power of women at every step of the coffee chain, from pickers to packers. Floral caramel notes, bright acidity, and a smooth and sweet finish made this coffee exceptional. Mountain Mama was not just a flavourful delight; it was a testament to the remarkable achievements of women in coffee. You can see them on the November postcard!

We then introduced you to Martha Moreno, a dedicated coffee farmer and environmentalist who transformed her coffee plantation into a sanctuary for wildlife and biodiversity. Located in the majestic San Lucas Mountains, known as "the jaguar corridor," Martha's coffee farm served as a critical buffer zone to halt habitat loss and deforestation. The rich biodiversity of this forest also enhanced the quality of her coffee, making it a truly unique and eco-friendly experience.

Mukuru, another highlight of the season, needs no introduction. This vibrant and fruity blend from Uganda quickly won the hearts of coffee lovers. Meticulously chosen by our very own Lydia, Mukuru offered delightful undertones of dried fruits and refreshing orange, creating a captivating flavour dance that was nothing short of magical. Lydia's expertise was on full display, and we couldn't be prouder to have her on our team.

Among our recent treasures is Kult Koffie, the Pink Flamingo of Tanzania. This blend continues to grace our webshop in limited quantities. Kult Koffie captures attention with its pronounced sweetness, full body, and prominent acidity. Through vertical integration and full access to the harvest, we deliver this remarkable 84+ SCA cup at an accessible price, supporting both roaster success and producer resilience. It's a true testament to the magic that happens when passion meets perfection in the world of coffee.

Introducing the New Moyee Microlot: Trenggiling from Indonesia

Now, let's unveil our latest gem, the Trenggiling Microlot, as we venture into the captivating landscapes of Indonesia. Named after the endangered and fascinating pangolin, this coffee captures the essence of its namesake and the unique flavours of Indonesia.

In the heart of lush Indonesian landscapes, dedicated farmers cultivate every coffee cherry with passion and craftsmanship. The coffee's distinctive flavour comes from the rich soil, climate, and traditional processing techniques, a combination found nowhere else. Trenggiling's secret lies in the "wet-hulled" method, known as "giling basah," which imparts a characteristic full-bodied and earthy flavour, making it a unique delight.

Our head roaster, José Mollura, an expert with over fifteen years of experience, brings out the wildest flavours during roasting. With each sip of Trenggiling coffee, you'll be seduced by rich notes of dark chocolate, accompanied by an exciting blend of earthy and spicy nuances.

At Moyee, we take you on a journey through coffee, one Microlot at a time. Try our Microlot Bundle today and explore the world in every cup, savour the stories, and enjoy the flavours.  Cheers to the heroes behind each coffee and the extraordinary experiences that await your palate!

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