Why We Roast Where We Grow: Flipping the Coffee Script with Moyee

May 21, 2024 2 min read

Why We Roast Where We Grow: Flipping the Coffee Script with Moyee

Think about this: the coffee industry is massive, yet the places that grow all those beans see only a tiny slice of the profits. Not cool, right? That’s why at Moyee Coffee, we’re shaking things up by roasting our coffee right where it’s grown—in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Here’s the scoop: most of the coffee money has always gone to big companies in the West. We think it’s high time this changed. By roasting locally, we make sure more cash stays in the coffee-growing communities. This helps them build up their own economies and cuts down on the need for iffy aid.

Setting up shop in Ethiopia was tough—it’s a hard place for business. But guess what? We did it. And we didn’t stop there. We opened another roastery in Kenya. These aren’t just places to roast coffee—they’re beacons of what’s possible when you think differently about how to do business.

Our idea is simple: let's split the benefits fairly. We’re pushing for a 50/50 deal where coffee growers get as much out of it as the folks who drink their coffee. We’re turning the old take-take model on its head, making sure that growing coffee is profitable and sustainable right where it's grown.

And it’s catching on. Beyond Africa, we’re now serving up our FairChain coffee to fans in Ireland, the UK, Germany, and France. Every cup you drink from us supports a better deal for coffee growers.

Moyee is all about brewing up a storm of change. Every sip you take is a vote for a fairer world. Let’s brew this revolution together! 

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