Moyee Coffee Welcomes Klarna for a Seamless Caffeine Fix!

December 07, 2023 2 min read

Moyee Coffee Welcomes Klarna for a Seamless Caffeine Fix!

Great news for coffee aficionados! Moyee Coffee, the world’s first FairChain coffee, has just made your coffee shopping experience even more convenient. Now, Moyee Coffee proudly accepts Klarna as a payment option, allowing you to enjoy your favourite ethically sourced brews with the flexibility of Klarna's 'Pay Later' options.

Moyee Coffee: Where Sustainability Meets Excellence

Since its launch in Amsterdam and Ethiopia in 2012, Moyee Coffee has been on a mission to transform the coffee industry. By roasting specialty coffee in the countries where the beans are grown, Moyee ensures that more benefits stay within local communities in Ethiopia and Kenya. The FairChain movement strives for an equitable 50/50 value split between the growers and sellers, supporting living incomes for coffee farming families.

A Sweet Blend of Convenience: Klarna x Moyee Coffee

Now, with Moyee Coffee accepting Klarna, indulging in your favourite FairChain coffee blends is as simple as ever. Klarna offers flexible payment options, including 'Pay Later,' allowing you to enjoy your coffee first and settle the payment at your convenience.

How to Brew with Klarna at Moyee Coffee:

  1. Visit Moyee Coffee's website at
  2. Explore their exceptional range of FairChain coffee products.
  3. Add your preferred blends to your cart.
  4. At checkout, select Klarna as your payment method, you'll then be redirected to the Klarna checkout to finish the checkout process.

It's time to elevate your coffee experience with Moyee Coffee and Klarna, combining the rich flavours of ethically sourced coffee with the flexibility of modern payment solutions.

Why Choose Klarna at Moyee Coffee?

Flexibility: Enjoy your coffee now and pay later with Klarna's flexible payment options.

Convenience: A seamless and straightforward checkout process for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Support Sustainable Practices: By choosing Moyee Coffee, you're not only savouring high-quality coffee but also supporting a company committed to sustainability and fair trade.

Embrace the intersection of innovation and tradition as you savour your Moyee Coffee brews with the added convenience of Klarna. Cheers to a more effortless and enjoyable coffee journey!

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