The Moyee Impact: Brewing Change in Factories, Farms, and Forests

January 02, 2024 3 min read

The Moyee Impact: Brewing Change in Factories, Farms, and Forests

At Moyee Coffee, our commitment to revolutionising the coffee industry goes beyond a cup of quality brew. We aim to empower coffee-growing nations, uplift farmers, and combat deforestation. Let's delve into our impact across Factories, Farms, and Forests.

Factories: Empowering Coffee-Growing Nations

In the heart of our mission is the belief that coffee-growing countries deserve equal positions in the supply chain. Currently, a mere 10% of the value of your cup of coffee stays in the country of origin, a situation we find absurd. Our approach is to invest in value-adding activities like roasting and packaging at the source.

By doing so, we facilitate the evolution of coffee-growing countries from primary to secondary economies, creating jobs and generating 500% more income. This not only reduces their reliance on government development aid but also empowers them to earn more through trade-over aid. Our FairChain framework measures our economic impact, focusing on indicators like jobs supported, FairChain exports, value left at origin, and FairChain awareness.

The importance of roasting locally is clear – currently, a staggering 90% of the total value of every cup of coffee is exported away. Our FairChain goal is to create an equal value split: 50% for coffee-growing nations and 50% for us.

We recognise the importance of quality and aim to usher in the Fourth Wave of coffee. Our goal is to make quality coffee less elitist and more mainstream, ensuring great quality and radical impact go hand in hand.

Looking into the future, our work includes scaling up, raising our FairChain percentage, changing our Impact Ecosystem profile, and combining best practices for a pan-European rollout and entry into the American market.

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Farmers: Competing on Quality, Not Poverty

With our battle cry, ‘compete on quality and not poverty,’ we embarked on a journey to improve the lives of our farmers. Acknowledging that our initial 20% premium was insufficient, we redefined our approach, introducing the FairChain Farming programme in collaboration with the FairChain Foundation.

This programme aims to bring a living income to farmers by managing profitable farms and engaging in value-adding activities. In addition to the 20% premium, we introduced a living income differential, investing heavily in training, digitisation, microcredits, and rejuvenating coffee plants. Our efforts resulted in 539 farmers achieving a living income, and we've expanded the programme to include 12,000 farmers in Ethiopia and 7,200 in Kenya.

Our impact is quantifiable through FairChain Premium, Living Income investments, and the number of farmers reaching a living income based on our off-take.

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Forests: Tackling Poverty, Deforestation, and Climate Change

Recognising the interconnectedness of poverty, deforestation, and climate change, we understand that coffee farmers play a crucial role as stewards of the environment. In the last two decades, Ethiopia has lost 18% of its forests, contributing to climate change.

Moyee Coffee is actively working to redesign our business model to battle deforestation and reclaim lost forests. We've become climate activists, acknowledging the urgent need to protect the environment.

Our future goals include replacing air transport with more sustainable options, achieving a waste-free office by 2025, upcycling coffee husks at the farm level, and replicating low-carbon coffee projects in Ethiopia. The Republic of Everyone initiative aims to foster collaboration for shared ownership, responsibility, and well-being.

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At Moyee we are not just brewing a cup; we're brewing change. Join us on our journey to empower nations, uplift farmers, and preserve our planet. From factories to farms and forests, Moyee Coffee is making waves – one cup at a time.

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