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July 03, 2023 3 min read

Moyee farmer standing in pink Moyee hoodie, date is 2023 JULY

At Moyee, we believe in creating a direct connection between coffee lovers and the farmers who cultivate our beloved beans. It's time to introduce you to some incredible individuals who play a vital role in bringing you the exceptional flavors and quality of Moyee coffee. From the rolling hills of Bududa to the slopes of Mount Elgon, let's meet the farmers who dedicate their lives to their craft.

Meet Beatrice:Moyee farmer from Uganda
Nestled in the beautiful hills of Bududa, a small town with a population of 9,000, Beatrice tends to her coffee farm alongside her cow. The fertile volcanic soils of Bududa enable her to cultivate top-notch coffee, as well as other crops such as bananas, beans, maize, cassava, and avocados. Despite the agricultural richness of the area, Bududa faces significant poverty, with around 40% of the population living below the poverty line. To address this, we organized a living income session in collaboration with @fairchainfoundation, and Beatrice played an essential role in shaping the conversation. At Moyee, we recognize that a living income is a multifaceted pursuit, requiring investments in yield, production, and living costs, alongside fair prices.

Meet Justine:Moyee farmer from Uganda
Not only a Moyee coffee farmer but also a part-time priest, Justine stands out as the only female board member of the Konokoyi primary coffee society in Uganda. She actively participated in our "founding farmers" focus group, contributing to the design of our FairChain living income reference price. Justine and her two older daughters constantly strive to make a difference in the Konokoyi community, having established a school and a local health clinic for vaccinations. Their commitment to uplift the community resonates with Moyee's vision of creating sustainable change.

Meet Boaz and Hadijja: Moyee Farmer from Uganda
Boaz and Hadijja are coffee farming partners in Mount Elgon, Uganda. Living off the beaten track in a small mud house, Boaz and his wife, Hadijja, face daily challenges to provide for their family, which includes their own children as well as adopted ones. Moyee has been actively building long-term relationships with farmers like Boaz, aiming to secure living incomes for local communities. By offering a better price for their coffee, we empower farmers like Boaz and Hadijja to improve their living conditions and provide quality education for their children.

Meet Mountain Mama, Jenipher:Mountain Mama farmer
From the slopes of Mount Elgon comes Jenipher, lovingly known as Mountain Mama. A mother of six children, Jenipher cultivates coffee at an impressive altitude of 2400 meters on the fertile volcanic soils. The uniqueness of her coffee is a testament to her dedication and the exceptional terroir of the region.

Meet Tsegaye: Moyee farmer
Tsegaye's story begins on a vast coffee plantation in Bench Sheko. With a background in agronomy, he aspires to pursue a Ph.D. in Plant Sciences. Alongside his wife, a nurse on a coffee plantation, Tsegaye dreams of building a brighter future for their two-year-old daughter and their expanding family.

These are just a few glimpses into the lives of the remarkable farmers who make Moyee coffee possible. Their passion, resilience, and commitment to their craft shine through every cup. We are honored to collaborate with them on this journey, ensuring that each sip of Moyee coffee represents more than just a beverage. It tells a story of sustainability, fair trade, and a shared pursuit of a better future. Join us in celebrating these extraordinary individuals who inspire us every day. 

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