Pedalling towards a greener future

September 01, 2023 2 min read

Pedalling towards a greener future

We're delighted to announce that now we deliver 30% of our Dublin wholesale orders by cargo bike! In an era of clogged city streets and cities like Dublin looking for solutions to traffic and climate targets, we've wholeheartedly embraced the eCargo bike. Here's why:

Did you know that cargo bikes have quickly become a symbol of sustainability in urban deliveries? We have collected a couple of facts about them that you might have not heard yet!

  1. Swift Deliveries, Reduced Congestion:

Did you know that electric cargo bikes zip through city centres about 60% faster than traditional vans? Their nimble manoeuvrability allows them to bypass traffic congestion and take shortcuts, ensuring your packages reach you in no time.

  1. Carbon Emission Slayers:

Here's a remarkable statistic – electric cargo bikes cut carbon emissions by a whopping 90% compared to diesel vans! Even when compared to electric vans, they reduce emissions by a third. Embrace the future of green deliveries while significantly contributing to a cleaner environment.


  1. Urban Air Quality Champions:

Air pollution remains a pressing concern in many urban areas. Cargo bikes emerge as champions, substantially reducing air pollution levels. Opting for these bikes helps create healthier and fresher surroundings for everyone.


  1. Active travel:

Riding a cargo bike is a fun way to stay active while you work. Using an electric cargo bike is an accessible, low-impact method of staying active. Regular exercise makes us healthier and happier, so it’s important to find ways to add it to our routine.


  1. Safer Roads, Healthier Communities:

More people opting for cargo bikes means fewer cars on the road. The surge in cycling witnessed during the pandemic led to a decrease in the risk of cycling-related fatalities and injuries.

These human-powered vehicles offer a variety of benefits which all resonate with our commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. With zero emissions, reduced traffic congestion, and a smaller carbon footprint, cargo bikes perfectly align with Moyee’s mission of creating a positive impact on both our customers and the planet. Not to mention how fit it keeps our colleagues!

We at Moyee Coffee believe in turning sustainable concepts into actionable initiatives. That's why we've formed a strategic partnership with Bleeper cargo bikes for our deliveries. Since February 2022, we've been actively participating in the eCargo Bike Project, a collaborative effort between Dublin City Council and aimed at promoting eco-friendly deliveries. With over 400km already covered in deliveries, our choice to embrace cargo bikes reflects our commitment to minimising carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier urban environment.

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