2021: A FairChain Year in Review

December 19, 2021 2 min read

FairChain Impact Report - Our Journey Continues!

Despite the many challenges 2021 brought us, our journey to change coffee for the better continues - and it's thanks to your help.

At the end of a turbulent year, we're reminded that our friends and family are what matter most. A year where we gained more appreciation for the everyday things that make life great - like good coffee.

A year where we gained more appreciation for the people behind our daily consumables – the factory workers, truck drivers, supermarket staff and farmers. Thanks to a large boat stuck in a canal and the activism and energy at Glasgow, we also realised how complicated and interconnected our global supply chains are but also the heavy price the natural world pays for the stuff we consume.

We’re starting to really understand that a new approach to business is needed – one that is fair and sustainable, one that helps both people and our planet to thrive.

At Moyee Coffee, we’ve continued to advocate for a different way of doing business.

In spite of Covid 19 and terrible conflict in Ethiopia we’ve increased our FairChain farmer numbers and digitising payments. From our nurseries, we continue to grow and distribute thousands more baby coffee plants, better performing more productive money trees for farmers.

In Kenya our new roastery is in full operation and our 11 staff (8 women and 3 men) are hands on deck, shipping out 2-3 containers each month of Kenyan roasted. Our first harvest is happening right now, and every day over 2,500 farmers from four cooperatives in Kericho are delivering cherries to our Kenyan team. And the training programme with these farmers has commenced to introduce a move away from chemicals towards bio-composting and organic farming.

This year we’ve all become a little more aware of our personal footprint, of the impact of the everyday choices we make.

We sincerely thank you for choosing wisely, for choosing Moyee Coffee in 2021 and for helping to make every sip count!

Have a safe and happy Christmas,

 Shane & all at Team Moyee Coffee

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