The Perfect Irish Coffee Recipe

November 30, 2020 2 min read

The nights are getting very short and it's certainly getting colder out there. That officially means it's Irish Coffee season - and we think it's all the better with an Ethiopian FairChain twist! 

We teamed up with Oisin Davis in Great Irish Beverages to make a recipe for the perfect Irish Coffee.

We recommend our medium roast Single Origin coffee - you can pick up a bag here. 

The Do's & Dont's of The Irish Coffee by Oisin Davis, Great Irish Beverages 
Step 1.
Irish whiskeys such as Powers or Jameson are blended with grain and pot still whiskeys. The pot still element gives them a unique spice and that's why they make the best whiskeys for an Irish Coffee.  
Heat your glass with some hot water, then pour it out before dropping in 35 ml of Powers Gold Label. 
Step 2. The ratio of coffee to whiskey is extremely important. With 3 parts coffee to 1 part whiskey, you should be able to find the perfect balance. A medium roast such as Moyee Single Origin has the ideal flavour profile. Darkly roasted coffee is too bitter and lightly roasted coffee is too fruity. 
Pour in 100 ml of Moyee Single Origin brewed in a French press.
Step 3.
The classic Georgian Irish Coffee Glass works best as it fits perfectly and has a stem. You can pick them up online from catering stores. 
Step 4.
To give your Irish coffee a richer taste and mouthfeel, always use a teaspoon of brown sugar. White sugar doesn't hold as well, it's too weak. Softly whipped fresh cream poured slowly on the drink with the back of a spoon until it hits the top, will ensure that you have a clean layer on your Irish coffee. Never use cream from a can as it's not fresh and is too aerated. 
Step 5.
Freshly grated nutmeg dropped on top of your Irish Coffee, brings out the spice of the whiskey and delivers a beautiful fragrance to the drink. Sláinte! 

Check out Oisin's full Irish Coffee recipe video below: 


The Do's & Dont's of The Irish Coffee from Great Irish Beverages on Vimeo.



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