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Moyee Coffee & the FairChain Movement

Moyee Coffee is a coffee company with a difference - the world's first FairChain coffee company in fact. We're a team of social entrepreneurs, radical innovators and accessible coffee geeks. Passionate guys and gals determined to be fair and fix the broken global coffee chain. One cup of coffee at a time.

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Shane Reilly and Killian Stokes met at the UCD Innovation Academy in Dublin in 2016 where they had both been pitching different social impact ideas to do with coffee.

Having been woken up to some of the problems of the coffee industry in South America and Africa, Killian had just met with coffee farmers and local roasting projects in Ethiopia and came across a Dutch-Ethiopian colloaboration with a difference - Moyee Coffee.

Shane & Killian teamed up with Moyee Netherlands founder Guido van Staveren van Dijk to launch Moyee Coffee in Ireland and the UK, bringing the FairChain movement to a whole new market of big impact coffee fans

Radical Impact. Radical Transparency.

Our FairChain Impact Goals


Creating a roadmap towards a living income for farmers and their families


300% more value stays at origin as well as creating jobs in countries of the coffee belt


Promoting bird friendly coffee and replanting forests in the coffee belt


Delivering great tasting coffee to coffee lovers at home and our wholesale partners.

Why FairChain? What's the Problem?

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The Great Divide Between Growing & Roasting

Every coffee bean on the planet comes from the coffee belt yet almost all the coffee we drink is roasted in the global north.

This means most of the profits, income and jobs from coffee are exported out of the belt leaving most coffee growing countries reliant on aid. We’re working to change this.

Coffee is More Valuable than Gold

Coffee is the world's favourite drink. Every day we drink 2 billion cups of the yummy stuff. Coffee is an industry more valuable than gold, worth €100 billiom a year.

But still 90% of coffee farmers and their families struffle to survive and earn less than €2 a day.

We started with Ethiopia and we're working to create 50/50 partnerships between coffee producers and drinkers throughout the coffee belt to fix this.

Connecting Coffee Drinkers & Producers

To prove our impact work and to let our FairChain coffee fans follow the money, we're digitising the whole coffee supply chain - from farmers to your cup.

Since 2017 we've been using blockchain technology to make every transaction available so you can see what coffee farmers are being paid (not a lot, even with premiums). This is the first step in moving coffee farmers towards living income.

The second step is to connect you directly to farmers and allow you to create impact with each coffee bag you buy. We've already done beta campaigns to plant thousands of coffee trees in Ethiopia, increasing yields and incomes for coffee farmers.

Stay tuned for more updates, FairChain fans!

50/50 Partnerships: Our Team in Dublin - Addis Ababa - Amsterdam  

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