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April 08, 2019 5 min read

Creating a Blockchain Traceable Coffee Movement

Blockchain makes shared value chains and inclusive business model possible.

Before you read more, we'd love your help in making blockchain traceable coffee a reality - including a coffee dock at your office or co-working space - so please contact us if you would like to join our movement! 


Why Coffee? 

Our global food supply chains are incredibly unfair and broken but blockchain technology that has the potential to help fix this.

Today on our planet there are 7.5 billion “eaters”, 1.5 billion farmers but just 300 large food companies who control our food supply system. These supermarkets and big brands are earning billions in profits each year while 500 million of the worlds farmers – farmers working in the supply chains of these companies who provide us with our every day products like tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit and cotton - struggle to survive on less than two dollars a day.

In 2018 Oxfam’s “Ripe for Change” report noted that In South Africa, over 90% of surveyed women workers on grape farms stated that they did not have enough to eat in the previous month and nearly a third said they or a family member had gone to bed hungry at least once in that time.

These are the people who grow our food but cannot afford to feed their own children and many earn so little they resort to recruiting child labour to help bring in their harvest. 


Moyee Coffee's FairChain Solution

At Moyee we’re involved in coffee. It’s the world’s favourite drink. Each day we consume two billion cups of the tasty drink and annually coffee is an industry worth 100 billion dollars. Yet 90% of the world’s coffee farmers and their families (that’s 90 million people) earn less than €2 a day. While 100% of all coffee is grown in and around the equator 99.99% of the coffee we drink is roasted, bagged and branded in Europe and the US so that all of the value adding activities - the jobs, the profits, the income are exported out of the coffee belt.

We’re still small but Moyee Coffee is creating a new inclusive business model. We belief simply paying farmers a few cents more is not enough. The French don’t export green grapes, instead they sell bottles of wine so why should the Ethiopians export green beans when they could be roasting their own coffee.

By harnessing the power of craftsmanship and technology we aim to overhaul the sector and see as much as 50% of what you pay for your coffee stay in the country of origin. We call this FairChain Coffee.


Roasting Coffee at Origin 

Roasting Coffee at Origin in Ethiopia

Right now we roast, bag and brand the bulk of our coffee in Ethiopia to create more impact in terms of local jobs and incomes created and to cultivate a local coffee roasting industry.

We’re also working to reform the value chain, to remove middle men and inefficiencies, to promote land reform and protection of the forests, to upskill farmers and shift ownership of resources and value adding activities back into farming communities.

At a practical level we are training our farmers in sustainable organic agricultural practices to help them improve the quality of their coffee and double their yields while protecting the forests where they live.  Our goal is to move our farmers from about €400 a year to more than €1,000 to help them earn a living wage.


Blockchain For Good Project

So where does BlockChain fit into all this? We talk about using blockchain to create a shared value coffee chain with positive externalities and by this we mean three things:

1. Providing 100% Transparency

Well everything we claim in the paragraph above sounds great but how can we prove it? At Moyee right now were using blockchain and other technologies to build an end to end digitalised coffee value chain. To record and capture data on every transaction throughout our value chain from the farmer to your cup. Blockchain can provide 100% transparency on every transaction and at every stage.

The hardest part is the first mile (farmers) and the last mile (consumers). We’re giving our farmers mobile wallets, tap cards, unique ID numbers and barcodes so we can pay them digitally and we’re geo tagging their farms and our washing station to prove location. This means we can put every stage of production and payment on the BlockChain.

Meanwhile were putting QR codes onto the side of our coffee bags so that consumers can pull out their mobile phones while still in the shop and check out a website and see exactly who gets paid what for the coffee they’re about to buy – from the farmer, the women at the washing station to the team at the roastery, the bagger, the transport guy, Killian and Shane at Moyee Coffee Ireland down to the store or supermarket. 100% transparency.

We’re also going to note where the carbon and pollution is added so consumers can see how environmentally friendly our farming is (or not), while learning that it’s actually our transport or our unrecyclable bag that is doing a lot of the damage. This means we can share our green intentions, our environmental roadmap, stay accountable and bring our customers on the journey with us.

 2) Engaging the Ethical Consumer

Coffee Chain Shared Value

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ethics of their goods. They want to know that everyone involved in getting paid a fair wage so we’re helping them to contribute towards changing our broken value chains. When consumers buy our coffee they’ll receive 50 cent back in an online token  - like loyalty points that are actually monetised! - which they can either keep or share. Get money back off their next online purchase or send these funds back down the value chain to ‘tip the farmer’ – to support the farmer coop, help fund a micro loan or pay for seeds, tools or farmer training.

 3) Creating Positive Externalities

We know that economics alone wont lift our farmers out of poverty. Their families lack access to clean water, electricity, proper healthcare and good schools so we’re partnering with NGOs operating in the region like Self Help Africa and empowering our consumers to channel their monies to fund these social projects. So rather then tipping the farmer or getting money off the next purchase a Moyee customer might help fund the construction of a well at a local school, vaccines for kids or fund a women’s community group.

Ultimately we believe our brand has to be more than just the colour of our bag or our logo. Our supply chain is our brand and what we do at every stage of our supply chain reflects on the integrity of our brand. It’s who we are, it’s what we stand for and it’s why our customers will want to support the brand or not. If a small profit driven company like ours can use blockchain to share value fairly then so too can the giant supermarkets and food brands.


How You Can Help Us

We're working with our tech partners KrypC, non-profit builders the FairChain Foundationand FairChain ambassadors to build a movement around blockchain traceable coffee.

We need your help to make it a reality in 2019! 

You can help us by:

- Switching your workplace to FairChain coffee 

- Signing up to trial a blockchain coffee dock at your workplace

- Sharing this post on LinkedIn or with your colleagues

- Contacting us with other ideas or a pledge to be an ambassador!


#FairChain #MakeEverySipCount #BlockchainForGood 



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