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Delicate, fruity and every sip silky smooth.

A fresh medium roast coffee with a light and fruity aftertaste of jasmine and cocoa.

We slow-roast this washed coffee for 13 minutes at 197 degrees celsius so you can taste the floral notes and citrus fruits.

FairChain Coffee - Roasted at Origin


Our FairChain story started in Limu, Ethiopia.

This speciality coffee comes from the Kaffa region, the birthplace of coffee and has a beautiful palate of complex aromas and bold flavours.

Limu is a real princess grown in the NGO-protected Beletta Forest at an elevation of 1,700 meters  


Origin: Limu Genet, Ethiopia

Washed Process

100% speciality coffee

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We want to turn the coffee world on its head by making it fairer.
We want to see more coffee roasted in coffee growing countries, to see farmers earn a living income from their beans while helping re-wild the forests and habitats of the coffee belt.
We want to do all while enabling you to enjoy radically better coffee in your life!


We’re on a mission to roast 100% of our coffee in coffee growing countries. We established a roastery in Addis Ababa in 2013 where we roast both our single origin and double blend Ethiopian coffees.

In 2020 we added a second roastery, in Kenya where our dark roast, our triple and a growing number of blends will be roasted, bagged and shipped.

By roasting our coffee at origin we can create highly skilled local jobs and developing economies of the coffee belt move beyond aid towards a prosperous future driven by trade.


Most coffee farmers struggle below the poverty line earning as little as €400 a year from their coffee. We want to change that and are rolling out a programme of improvements for farmers.

This means better training in sustainable farming practices, seeds, saplings, tools, bank accounts, mobile phones and investments in climate controlled storage facilities and eco friendly washing stations.

It will take us time and we won’t always get things right but it’s a roadmap to a living income for all coffee farmers.


Forest-grown coffee supports wildlife habitats, migratory birds and gives coffee beans a much richer and diverse range of flavour.

Traditionally coffee was grown in the shade of the forest amongst the plants and trees but the push for big profits has shifted coffee growing out into the sun with land being cleared for fields.

Today just 4% of coffee around the world is forest grown.

Our goal is to reverse this trend. We’re paying more for forest grown coffee like our single origin and working with farmers to protect their habitats and ensure farming livelihoods can protect and rejuvenate the forests of the coffee belt.

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