Pezzetti Moka Pot - 6 Cup

A beautifully designed take on the classic Italian stovetop coffee maker.

We love this high quality Pezzetti Moka Pot for crafting traditional Italian espresso. Eight sided shape diffuses heat evenly to enhance the aroma and taste of the coffee. To clean just rinse in hot soapy water, with the right care this durable unit will keep making rich, authentic espresso for years after purchase. 

We recommend very espresso grind for your coffee when brewing with Moka Pot. Consider wholebeans and grinding very fine with our Rhinowares hand grinder. 

Want to learn how to brew using a Moka Pot? Check here for our step by step instructions.

Product features
• Brand: Pezzetti
• Range: Steelexpress
• Material: steel
• Size: 6-cup
• Brew time: 4-5 minutes
• Colour: silver
• Use on: gas or electric hobs
• Shape: eight sided
• Country of origin: Italy

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