F*ck Black Friday

November 24, 2022 1 min read

All profits from coffee sales go to Doras human rights charity this weekend

This time last year we switched off our online shop for Black Friday to highlight the True Cost of Coffee and to drop the trash we don't need in our lives.
Ultimately we asked you to choose wisely and we received great support from our loyal FairChain fans, as always.
This year I think I've noticed Black Friday ads and crazy discounts more than ever - all swirling about with commentary about a winter World Cup being held in a country with little regard for migrant workers, human and LGBT+ rights; and news of the horrific war, suffering and massive power cuts across Ukraine.
We're keeping our online shop open tomorrow and we'll donate the profits from all coffee sales tonight until Sunday to Doras - a human rights charity set up to promote and protect the rights of all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland through direct support, advocacy and integration support.
If you decide you'd like to order some coffee to support the campaign - and of course our FairChain coffee mission - click here.  
If you're all good for coffee right now, you can also donate directly to Doras here on their website - and read more about their great work. 
Thanks for helping to make every sip count!

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