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Even bad coffee can lead to a good idea.

Moyee’s journey to Ireland began when two social upstarts and graduates of UCD Innovation Academy, Shane and Killian, set out to change the world.

But how can admirable ideas challenge the ongoing exploitation of workers?

Whilst sipping on coffee in a crowded Dublin café they suddenly had their eureka moment; the answer was in their hands. People are drinking bad coffee that they know is produced unfairly, but aren’t doing anything about it. Despite fair trade agreements, less than fifteen percent of global coffee revenue goes to coffee growing countries. With a bad taste in their mouths, Shane and Killian set about changing how consumers got their hands on the best coffee in a fair and ethical way.

Their adventure took them to Ethiopia, the home of coffee, where they discovered that it isn’t just grown there, but with its beautiful coffee houses and caffeine adoring population, it is an integral part of the rich Ethiopian culture. 

Our Story - Moyee Coffee


Arabica originates from Ethiopia, but Shane and Killian weren’t settling for any old bean, and it was on their search for the rare and richly flavoured Limu bean (or ‘The Princess’ as locals call it) that they met their very own Colonel Kurtz, an eccentric Dutch social innovator called Guido who was approaching coffee production in a radical new way.

Guido had set up Moyee, a company that not only sources their specialty beans in Ethiopia, but roasts them there as well. A process that locks in the special flavours and character of Moyee coffee at origin, and ensures that more jobs and more money from the coffee industry stays within Ethiopia. This idea is called FairChain. Shane and Killian had not only found their radically good cup of coffee, they’d found their social revolution as well.

Moyee is an indulgence, rich and flavoursome, and carefully crafted for lovers of specialty coffee.


Our Story - Moyee Coffee

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