Microlot Series: Mujeres

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Remodeled by 124 powerful women in Guatemala, this microlot is a triumph of female craftsmanship. Rich in chocolate and fruity tones, this coffee embodies more than just outstanding quality; it is a manifestation of female strength and their essential role in creating a more sustainable and just coffee industry.


The female farmers not only enhance the coffee quality but also dedicate themselves to sustainability on their farms. They produce their own organic fertilizers, attend entrepreneurship workshops, and ensure healthy coffee trees through regular renewal of their rootstocks.

In addition to cultivating coffee, these women also grow honey and fruit trees, supporting biodiversity by planting a variety of crops. Their efforts protect groundwater reserves and promote honey production, contributing to a sustainable and flourishing community.


Enjoy this Microlot and simultaneously support a charitable cause. Your purchase of Mujeres microlot funds a mobile medical and dental clinic. The COMAL farmers process their own coffee and deliver it to FECCEG for quality control. The best batches are selected for our microlot or blended with other top coffees, making your choice directly contribute to both women's health and the high quality of your coffee.


Guatemala, the birthplace of this coffee, is renowned for its Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee, cultivated above 1,200 meters, resulting in denser, more flavorful beans. Despite challenges such as Coffee Leaf Rust, Guatemala continues to produce impressive, award-winning coffees. Thanks to the diversity of producers, from small farmers to cooperatives, the quality of Guatemalan coffee is continuously rising, contributing to a rich coffee culture.


Mujeres by Moyee Coffee unveils a symphony of deep chocolate tones, enriched with a hint of exotic fruit, reflecting the rich Guatemalan terroir.

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Roast Date: December 11

Altitude: 1,400 – 2,000m

Process: Fully Washed

Quantity: 340 kg

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