Hario V60 Dripper Bundle + 1 Blend


Great brewing on the go with V60 combined with your favourite Moyee Coffee flavour.

Choose between our core range. Available to order as whole beans and filter ground. 

Hario's V60 is a world-recognised iconic filter coffee maker.

The revolutionary conical dripper helps your filter and brew coffee to exacting standards.

Ideal for home brewing, as a travel coffee maker or a quick pour over coffee cup in the morning. 

Requires V60 filter papers size 01

Product features
• Brand: Hario V60 Coffee Maker
• Range: V60 01 Clear Plastic 
• Material: plastic
• Colour: clear
• Size: 01
• Brews: 1 - 2 Cup Capacity
• Filters: V60 paper filters, size 01 (not included)
• Filter lifespan: single use 


 Moyee Coffee Impact Mission

Currently, 90% of the proceeds of the total coffee production disappear into the pockets of a number of large multinationals, which we call the 'Big Coffee'. This means that the coffee farmers are left with only 10% of the value. Value where nothing has been 'added' - only 2% is actual profit! We may be entrepreneurs, but this imbalance cannot be justified in any way. 

By applying FairChain principles we leave 300% more money in the coffee-producing country. We also pay our farmers a 20% FairChain premium with the aim of growing towards a living income.



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