Bialetti Preziosa Coffee Press


Bialetti Pressofilter Coffee Maker: perfect for preparing a filtered coffee that is rich in aroma, but also for preparing infusions and herbal teas.
Elegant design: modern contours, an exclusive handle that recalls the shape of the Bialetti Moka Express, and the Man with the moustache logo engraved on the stainless steel support all enhance the design of the Bialetti Coffee Press.
Convenient and practical: the body in borosilicate glass can be removed from the steel support and is easily washable, also in the dishwasher.

Preparation is convenient and simple, you can have your coffee filter in about 4 minutes! Read the instructions carefully and follow these steps:
1. Place the ground coffee in the coffee maker
2. Pour in hot (not boiling) water; fill until approximately 2.5 cm of space remains to the top edge, and mix with a spoon
3. Place the plunger unit on top of the pot and leave to infuse for 4 minutes
4. Hold the handle of the coffee pot firmly, and apply light pressure to the knob to lower the plunger vertically inside the pot
5. Turn the lid so that the slots are facing the side of the spout and pour out the coffee.


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