Puly Caff Cleaning Tablets 1g

 Puly Caff tablets are easy to use tablet for bean to cup espresso machines and automatic cappuccino makers. Simply use one tablet per cleaning cycle.

  • Removes coffee oil deposits from the shower screen, portafilter, and filter baskets
  • Cleaning for the coffee group and group solenoids
  • The detergent expands under pressure and cleans all contact surfaces.
  • Foams on contact with water, rinses quickly and leaves behind no residue or aftertaste. When the foam is gone so is the Puly Caff plus

Product features

Brand: Puly
Size: 1g per tablet
Quantity: 100x1g tablets
Dose: 1g
Total doses: 100
Best for: small to medium bean to cup machines

Highly concentrated, biodegradable cleaning tablets
100% dissolvable, even in cold water

Compatible with: Jura Impressa/X9/Giga, Simonelli, Astoria, Brasilia, Carimali, Cino, Concordia, Delonghi, Egro, Etna Nova, Horeca,  Kolbado, MacchiaValley, Macco Sirio, Melitta, Mulma, Necta N&W, Neva, Newco, Prestolio, Pronto, Rancilio, Real Bean, Reneka, San Marco, Santos Cappu, Saphira, Schaerer, Solis, Stafco, Strongvend, Whittenborg

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