SAGE Espresso Cleaning Tablets (8 Pack)

The 8 pack Sage Espresso Cleaning Tablets are suitable for all Sage Espresso Machines and are designed to remove coffee oils and residue from the shower screen and filter basket. 

In The Box: 

  • 8 x Espresso Cleaning Tablets 

Suitable for all Sage Espresso Machine models.

Step By Step Cleaning Guide

 The CLEAN ME light will illuminate when a cleaning cycle is required. This is a back-flushing cycle and is separate from descaling.

1. Insert the 1 CUP filter basket into the portafilter, followed by the supplied cleaning disc, followed by 1 cleaning tablet.

2. Lock the portafilter into the group head and place a large container beneath the portafilter spouts.

3. Ensure the water tank is filled with cold water and the drip tray is empty.

4. Press the POWER button to switch the machine off.

5. Press the 1 CUP and 2 CUP buttons simultaneously, then also press the POWER button. Hold all 3 buttons together for approximately 10 seconds.

6. The cleaning cycle will commence and last for approximately 5 minutes. During this time, water will intermittently flush into the portafilter to dissolve the cleaning tablet and flush back into the group head. If your cleaning disc is without a whole in the middle, hardly any or no water should come through the portafilter.


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