Cleandrip cleaning aid 250 ml - Moccamaster


Moccamaster's cleaning solution specially developed to improve your coffee experience and prolong the lifespan of your beloved Moccamaster coffee machine. With one bottle of Cleandrip you can clean your coffee machine ten times.

How does Cleandrip work?
Cleandrip is the ultimate solution for degreasing and cleaning your Moccamaster coffee machine. The unique formula penetrates deeply, effectively removing residual oils and buildup that can accumulate inside your machine. With just four simple steps, your Moccamaster will be ready for a perfect cup of coffee:
1. Fill the water reservoir of your Moccamaster.
2. Add 25 ml of Cleandrip.
3. Empty the filter holder.
4. Start the machine and let Cleandrip do its job.
5. Run the machine two to three times with clean water afterwards.

Caution: this is not a descaling agent, use Durgol for this. By cleaning and descaling your machine after every 100 brews (one pack of filter paper), you not only maintain the optimal taste of your coffee, but you also extend the lifespan of your Moccamaster.

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