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The Ethiopia Bundle is big on impact and includes 3 x 250g bags of radically good coffee:

1 bag x Single Origin (Ethiopia) - 250g

2 bags x Double Blend (Ethiopia) - 250g

Welcome to all our new FairChain Coffee fans. Time to enjoy some radically good coffee with radical impact.

Our FairChain story all started in Limu, Ethiopia. This speciality coffee bundle includes coffee from the Kaffa region, the birthplace of coffee, has beautiful complex full aromas and flavours.

Select whole beans or fresh ground coffee (medium filter grind).

Coffee Flavour Profiles

Single Origin

Delicate, fruity and every sip silky smooth. A fresh medium roast coffee with a light and fruity aftertaste of jasmine and cocoa. We slow-roast this washed coffee for 13 minutes at 197 degrees celsius so you can taste the floral notes and citrus fruits. FairChain Coffee - Roasted at Origin

Double Blend

Full-bodied with hints of fruit and chocolate. At Moyee, we love partnerships. This is why we decided to let our beans partner up and boy did that pay off! The fruity flavours of the washed Limu bean match perfectly with the sweeter, warmer flavours of the unwashed Jimma and create a beautiful balance. A match made in coffeeheaven! FairChain Coffee - Roasted at Origin

Meet the Farmers

Moyee is in direct contact with more than 658 farmers who grow the cherries of the Single in Limu, Ethiopia. Coffee plants are at an altitude of more than 1,600 meters under the canopy of a natural coffee forest. From November until January, the red berries are picked by hand and processed at our own washing station.

Meet the Roasters

The green beans, after being processed are roasted in a local roastery in Ethiopia. This creates jobs and leaves more value in the coffee-growing countries. The coffee is roasted in around 27 minutes. This allows you to taste a syrup-like taste and an aroma of cocoa with undertones of jasmine and a slight aftertaste of caster sugar.


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