Microlot Series: Trenggiling - Indonesia



Welcome to a new chapter in our Microlot series! Where passion merges with perfection. For the very first time we dive into the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia with the Trenggiling Coffee. Named after the endangered and fascinating pangolin, an iconic creature of Indonesia, this coffee captures the essence of its namesake and the country from which it originates. Enter a realm where every sip tells a story.


In the heart of the lush Indonesian landscapes we find our dedicated farmers, who bring Trenggiling coffee to life with passion and craftsmanship. On modest farms of an average of 0.5 to 2.5 hectares, they cultivate every coffee berry.

What makes coffee from Indonesia so special is the unique combination of rich soil, climate and traditional processing techniques, which together create a flavour profile that cannot be found anywhere else. Add to this the harmony with nature and the diversity of cultivation, and you have a cup that captures the essence of Indonesia. Cheers to these indispensable heroes and the unique flavours of their homeland!


The “wet hulled” method, or “giling basah”, is the secret ingredient behind the unique taste of Indonesian coffee. After pulping, the coffee is briefly dried and the parchment removed early at a humidity of 30-40%. This results in a soft, pliable bean that is further dried. This process creates those characteristic full and earthy notes that enthusiasts worldwide appreciate. A beautiful mix of tradition and craftsmanship!


Our head roaster José Mollura roasts the Trenggiling. With more than fifteen years of experience in the coffee world, José really knows everything about coffee, from crop to cup. José is one of only 3,500 Q-graders worldwide. A Q-grader is what a viticulturist is to wine. He discovers the most unique beans every time and brings out the craziest flavours when roasting.

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