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Introducing our new limited edition Microlot Lion Hills

We only have 40 bags left of this wonderful coffee available so be quick!

Background Story:

The farmer's name is Edward Barngetuny and he is a 3rd generation farmer. The name Barngetuny (Lion Slayer) was given to his great grandfather in the 1880’s because he was a warrior who used to hunt lions. 

In Kenyan tradition you are named as “arap” meaning son/daughter so his grandfather was a son to Barngetuny meaning son to the lion slayer. His father was a grandson to a lion slayer and now Edward is also a great grandson to the lion slayer.

Their coffee journey started in 1974 when is his father Arap Barngetuny bought 80 acres of land in Nandi county, Tindiret to farm not only coffee but tea, sugarcane and dairy. He later formed a company called “Lion Hills” because he is a grandson to a lion slayer and the farm being surrounded by many hills. 

Edward Barngetuny started his specialty coffee journey in 2017 when he partnered with a missionary school “Cross Roads” to sell coffee to Germany.

This particular Microlot has undergone natural anaerobic processing, fermenting for 3 days with water to give it a mandarin sweet molasses finish. The natural anaerobic process is the first trial he’s done apart from the washed process that is commonly done in the area.

Edward’s vision is to educate his community and others about the art of coffee from seed to cup and also the essence of value addition in coffee.

Coffee Farm  :  Lion Hills Farm.

Farm Size      :  80 Acres

Altitude         :  Between 1750-2000 Metres above sea level

Coffee type   :  Arabica

Varieties        :  Bartian and Ruiru 11

Process          :  Natural Anaerobic Fermented with water for 3 days

Flavor Profile:  Soft, Delicate, Honey, Mandarin, Dried fruit flavors with a finish of Mollasses

Place of origin: Kenya, Nandi county- Tindiret

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