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Microlot Series: El Diamante - Colombia



The latest installment in our Microlot Series is here! Roasted by World Barista Champion Diego Campos, El Diamante has a creamy body of vanilla and white chocolate with an aroma of mango & strawberry. 


The Roaster 

Diego is a young man from Colombia with a passion for coffee. For more than 13 years he has been a barista and grows coffee. For the world championship in Milan, he locked himself up for 2 months. Behind closed doors he came up with the best coffee recipe, in the WORLD!


The Farm

Diego rows El Diamante with his wife Derlin in Huila, Colombia. At an extreme altitude of 1950m high they have a few hectares of coffee plants. Diego has a unique recipe for growing his coffee. He picks the berries by hand, then ferments the coffee for 36 hours and then makes a combination of 24 hours washed and 50 hours of natural processing. The recipe for a taste explosion!

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