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Impact Coffee Club Exclusive: New Kenya Single Origin - 450g

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Fruity flavours of blackcurrant with a silky finish

High in the Kiambu region in Kenya, a very complex, tasty and fruity coffee grows in between the guava and banana trees. 

Due to the terroir of the region, the coffee develops sweet, syrup-like flavors of blueberries that give a long finish. The typical Kenyan acidity is fruity and floral at the same time! 

That is why the espressos are challenging and complex, the coffees soft and fruity, and the filter coffee full of beautiful sweet, refined flavors of blueberry with a silky, caramel finish.

This single is roasted a bit lighter for the experienced coffee drinker. The coffee comes in a new 450g size and includes a Plant A Tree token to allow you to amplify your impact.


About Kenya Single Origin - Farmers & Impact



By having all these value-adding activities done by our partners in Kenya, we are leaving 300% more money behind in this country of origin than major coffee brands!

The coffee is harvested by a small farming community in the Kiambu region of Kenya. At an altitude of 1,635m, this coffee grows nicely between the guava and banana trees, quietly, not too fast, so that the real flavors of this micro-climate settle into the core of the coffee bean. 

The coffee berries are hand-picked at their ripest moment. You can taste this! Then they are washed and sun dried at the Mbumi Coffee Mill. Our head-roaster Jose Mollura has coached Kenyan roaster Peter Muhaki to slowly roast our coffee into a city + roast so that you drink the tastiest, sweet and fruity Kenyan flavors in your coffee.


FairChain & Planting Trees

FairChain = Fairtrade 2.0. The coffee farmers not only get a better price for their beans, the beans are also roasted and packaged in the country of origin. It offers young people a proud future with valuable jobs, not dependent on development aid. But we do much more. Doing everything is radically transparent. 

The FairChain blockchain platform gives you control over what you believe and allows you to create impact yourself. Impact and sustainability are hollow concepts if they are not accompanied by clear and verifiable objectives. Moyee goes beyond storytelling to story proving.

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