Tiny Tony’s Christmas gift box + Moyee Coffee


They say good things come in small packages. And here’s the proof! Tiny Tony’s are the little gift you’ve been looking for, in between meals, meetings, or with a cuppa. Made using 100% traceable cocoa. And 100% ready for sharing, all wrapped up. Hand them out, hang them on the tree or hide one in the coat pocket of someone you fancy. Sharing is caring!Twinkle twinkle little bars.. difficult isn’t it, having a lot of flavours to choose from.. good news: with this rainbow tasting pack, you don’t have to! Because you get all six of our small bars. Taste ’em all. Or share with your mum, your uncle, your life partner or your sweet colleague sitting next to you. 

  • Vegan friendly

  • Fairtrade

  • No palm oil

  • No plastic

  • Recycled FSC-certified paper

  • 100% recyclable packaging


Milk, wheat ,soya, almonds,egg,white 
May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

Nutritional values

per 100 grams:

Energy - 2,286 kJ / 547 kcal
Total Fat - 35 g
of which saturated - 20.3 g
Total Carb. - 49.4 g
of which sugar - 46.3 g
Protein - 7.5 g
Salt - 0.35 g

Fairtrade statement

Fairtrade cocoa, sugar and honey. Sugar with mass balance. Minimal 69%. info.fairtrade.net/sourcing

Other information

Suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for vegans.


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