The ‘Permanent Goldfilter’ by SeleXions is an alternative for the use of paper coffee filters. This reusable filter fits in every coffee machine where you normally use filters No.4 for instance with our Moccamaster KBG Select and KBGT brewers. The filter is made out of stainless steel and has a protective gold layer of hard titanium. This coating makes it easy to clean the filter by rinsing it well with hot water after use. The coating also ensures a long life.

The 'Permanent Goldfilter' has a structure with micro-openings through which all natural flavor carriers enter the coffee. In addition, the Goldfilter does not affect the taste of the coffee, because it consists out of one material. This makes the Goldfilter also very suitable for professional coffee tastings.

All the advantages of the 'Permanent Gold filter':
- Reusable: Buy it once, use it daily, last for years.
- Easy to clean
- Made of stainless steel
- Does not affect the taste of the coffee

The permanent filter can be returned only unused.

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