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Moccamaster Description

    1. Steel Carafe & Glass Jug models brew 1.25 litre of filter coffee (10 cups) in 6 minutes 
    2. Less sour or bitter taste; Perfect brewing temperature of 92° – 96°C
    3. The hotplate (Glass Jug model), with dual-heat switch, keeps the coffee at 80°- 85°C for 40 minutes
    4. Long lasting performance, 5 year warranty
    5. Removable parts easy to clean and easy to be replaced
    6. Cup-One brews 300 ml in 4 minutes (less coffee is also possible)
    1. High quality recyclable materials, BPA free
    2. Solid aluminium housing, SCA & ECBC certified
    3. Steel Carafe model available in Polished Silver
    4. Glass Jug (with hotplate) model available in Stone Grey
    5. Cup-One model available in Matt Black
    6. Please contact us if you would like another available colour and we can order in directly for you

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