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Introducing our new Microlot Nyeri!

This coffee is from a group of farmers under the name of Ruiruiro cooperative society from Nyeri county in the central part of Kenya.

These farmers have come together to support each other and improve their livelihoods through the production and sale of special micro-lot coffees.

These farmers have learnt different coffee processing techniques from different coffee buyers and from the women in coffee platform that encourages its members to share their coffee production experiences, thus the production of this unique natural processed coffee. 

Ruiruiro Coffee has managed to penetrate the US and European market with their unique micro-lot coffees. Ruiruiro farmers have attested that their livelihoods have improved with the help of the proceeds from coffee sales.


Natural processing method which is one of the oldest and traditional processing method where the red ripe cherries are picked, dried with the pulp to an acceptable moisture content, hulled to remove the husk and silver skin in order to obtain green coffee beans. 


This coffee is special because it exhibits unique flavours like caramel, honey, raisins, dried mangoes with a syrupy body and velvety texture. These are very rare flavours to find in natural processed coffees.

Coffee Farm : Ruiruiro Cooperative society

Farm Size     :  Small Holder farmers

Altitude        : 1500-1800 MASL

Coffee type  :  Arabica

Varieties       :  SL 28 and 34

Process         :  Dried Natural coffee

Flavor Profile:  Caramel, Honey, Raisins, dried mangoes. juicy, syrupy body and velvety testure.

Place of origin: Nyeri

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