Microlot Series: Mountain Mama - Uganda



The latest installment in our Microlot Series is here and it's 100% woman made! Women play a very important role in the coffee industry. That's why Moyee brings you: Mountain Mama! The entire chain of this coffee is owned by women; from the pickers in the mountains of Uganda to the packers.


The Farm - Jennifer

Jennifer is the epitome of a strong woman. Together with her family of six children, she lives and grows coffee on a slope of Mount Elgon. Jenipher is seen as a special farmer in her region, mainly because she is a woman, but also because she is one of the leaders in her cooperative. As a board member and model farmer, she is an example for all women in the region.


The Roaster - Emily

 “My parents were coffee farmers and paid the school fees from the proceeds of the coffee harvest. That means coffee helped make me who I am today. I am an accountant graduate and as the first and youngest female roster of Mbale Ugandal, I combine the two things I love the most”.


The Cupper - Christine

“I became interested in coffee when I was 12 years old. My parents were also coffee farmers and they showed me the whole process of growing and processing coffee.

I have worked with coffee all my life, I started working with my aunt as a sorter: separating the good from the bad coffee. I became the best sorter and one day I was promoted by the general manager to hand-sorting supervisor. During that time as a manager, we exported the cleanest coffee, which led to a promotion to quality assistant. I checked the coffee for appearance, colour, smell, irregularities and other properties. This led me to cupper, and from then on I could only go up”.


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