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Microlot Series: Huila - Colombia

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Now available: MICROLOT HUILA - named after the department in Southern Columbia, spanned the magnificent Andes mountains and home to the remarkable Nevada del Huila volcano. In the Magdalena River valley, persistent cloud cover shelters the Hulia coffee from the sun. Resulting in a sweet and delicately balanced coffee that grows year round, stress free.

About Hulia - Limited Time Only

Roasting fresh green beans provides a completely unique tasting experience. The Huila is roasted fresh from the harvest at a height of 1850m with little oxygen. This radically impacts the flavour profile producing tasting notes of vanilla and almond combined with lemongrass.

Farmer - Elias Roa

Don Elias is one of the best and most distinguished coffee farmers in Colombia. Together with his amazing wife Bellanith and kids, they have been working side-by-side with roasters and champions for years to grow their coffee berries to perfection! And it worked. Colombian coffee is already known for its chocolate, vanilla-like flavours, but what makes Hulia unique is its side notes of lemongrass and green apple. An awesome combination, like nothing you have ever tasted before. 

Roastery - Amor Perfecto

The coffee roaster Amor Perfecto from Colombia has already received more than 30 awards. The Huila belongs to the top of the top! This coffee has received the Paris Gourmet award. Which makes this coffee one of the absolute crème de la crème. You have to taste it!

Head Roaster - Luis Fernando

We would like to introduce you to a true master of his trade. Louis Fernando head roaster at Amor Perfecto in Bogota, is a world renowned roaster with seven award winning coffee's to his name, so you know you are in good hands. 

Amor Perfecto meaning "Perfect Love" is precise description for the coffee they produce. Working in perfect harmony alongside his friend Don Elias, they have created one of the best coffees Colombia has to offer. Insanely and radically good coffee roasted in the country of origin. That's what we call FairChain!

Tasting Profiles: Chocolate, Vanilla, Almond Flavours with Sidetones of Lemongrass and Apples

Cupping Score: 88+ 

Altitude: 1850m

Process: Washed


About our Microlot Series 

Our ambition is to provide our customers with radically good coffee, to roast 100% of our  beans in the coffee belt so that more jobs, skills and value can stay local; to ensure coffee farmers earn a living income and their communities thrive.

Our Microlot series allows us to transport YOU to coffee growing countries throughout the world while offering a truly unique tasting experience. We aim to put a face and a name to the coffee you will be drinking and celebrate the skill and dedication that the growers have for their trade. In the same way you would say thank you to your local barista in the morning, we want to acknowledge the tireless effort of all the famers and roasters we will feature throughout the series. 

Moyee Coffee Impact Mission

Currently, 90% of the proceeds of the total coffee production disappear into the pockets of a number of large multinationals, which we call the 'Big Coffee'. This means that the coffee farmers are left with only 10% of the value. Value where nothing has been 'added' - only 2% is actual profit! We may be entrepreneurs, but this imbalance cannot be justified in any way. 

By applying FairChain principles we leave 300% more money in the coffee producing country. We also pay our farmers a 20% FairChain premium with the aim of growing towards a living income.

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