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Platinum Christmas Box


1x 1kg Moyee Coffee

2x Valrhona Chocolate Bar - Bahibe 

2x Teapigs Box - 15 pcs 

2x Valrhona Hot Chocolate - Nyangbo 


At Moyee, we care about the companies we partner with. That’s why this year we are delighted to team-up with fellow B-Corps Valhrona and Teapigs to create our 2021 Christmas Packs! 


For the most part of a century, Valrhona has created recognizable aromatic flavours through perfecting techniques to enhance the flavour of rare cocoa beans, grown on land specifically chosen for its terroir. 

Valrhona became a B Corp with the aim of creating a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and a gastronomy world that does good and tastes great. They tackle social and environmental issues within their business strategy, such as the significant fight against global warming and the reduction of their carbon footprint. 


Teapigs are another B-Corp who we are proud to partner with. They have a sustainable and ethical purpose, and have taken significant steps in leadingtheir industry to become a plastic-free area. They were the first tea company awarded the Plastic-Free trustmark from A Plastic Planet, which certifies packaging to be free of conventional plastic derived from fossil fuels. 

Most of their tea comes from Gisenyi in Rwanda Teapigs work here with the Point Foundation to support orphans and vulnerable young people in the area. 



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