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FairChain Coffee & Chocolate Taster Pack

Coffee Grind

We've created the perfect impact collaboration for anyone fed up with brands that don't deliver real change. 

The Other Bar and Moyee Coffee are FairChain companies creating 50/50 partnerships with coffee and chocolate producers and delivering change for a movement of customers who want to see a fairer share of value at origin.

It's time to feel good about coffee and chocolate again. The FairChain Coffee & Chocolate Taster Pack is big on impact and includes:

Single Origin (Ethiopia) - 250g
Double Blend (Ethiopia) - 250g
The Other Bar | Milk Chocolate (Ecuador) x 2
The Other Bar | Dark Chocolate (Ecuador) x 2

Select whole beans or fresh ground coffee (medium filter grind).  The only other decision? To share or keep all the impact to yourself.  Welcome aboard the FairChain movement! 

Tell Me More About the Impact

The Other Bar is a little parcel of creamy deliciousness, made with the finest quality, organic Ecuadorian cocoa that’ll have you coming back for more.

You get two 50g bars equally divided in each pack - just like our profits they're divided equally between cacao producers. There’s a token in every pack that you can redeem to help plant a new cocoa-producing tree. Either way, it’s a win-win for farmers and you.

Moyee Coffee is all about radically good coffee with radical impact. Our FairChain story started in Limu, Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee. Our Single Origin & Double Blends have a beautiful palate of complex aromas and bold flavours. Our coffee farmers are on a roadmap to living income and our coffee is roasted at origin. Read more about Moyee Coffee and our impact coffee mission here. 



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