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Buy One - Gift One: Double Blend 1KG

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 How Buy One - Gift One Works?

1. Order a 1KG bag of Moyee Coffee from our online shop 

2. We'll contact you to sort your friend's 1KG bag

3. Coffee gets shipped to you both (Ireland and UK deliveries only)

About Double Blend:

Full-bodied with hints of fruit and chocolate. At Moyeee, we love partnerships. This is why we decided to let our beans partner up and boy did that pay off!

The fruity flavours of the washed Limu bean match perfectly with sweeter, warmer flavours of the unwashed Jimma and create a beautiful balance. This blend gives you warm, full-bodied cocoa flavours with a finish of brown sugar and a hint of fruitiness. A match made in coffee heaven! 

FairChain Coffee - Roasted at Origin


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