Microlot Series: Huehuetenango - Guatemala


The Highest Quality From the Highest Areas 

Guatemala has been making spectacular coffees for hundreds of years. Today, the country is praised as a producer of the most flavourful cups of coffee in the world. Huehuetenango is the highest and driest area of Guatemala, where coffee grows on volcanic soil. 


This medium roast coffee has hints of sweet cherry with a dark chocolate body. The long and intense aftertaste, characterised by notes of nuts, makes this Microlot one that you definitely want to taste!


No less than 2,050 meters above sea level. There, on that volcanic soil, Ivan grows his high-quality and organic coffee. He is a graduate engineer and uses his knowledge to set up every piece of his farm as efficiently as possible. For example, he built a unique water system himself and measures the sugar levels in coffee berries with special equipment.


He uses the Brix grade to measure the exact amount of sugar. To then pick only the most mature. Only the sweetest berries pass Ivan's inspection. Then he dries the berries for about eighteen to twenty days so that all the sweet juices of the fruit draw into the coffee bean. That gives the Huehuetenango its special taste explosion.


Our head roaster José Mollura roasts the Huehuetenango. With more than fifteen years of experience in the coffee world, José really knows everything about coffee. From crop to cup. José is one of only 3,500 Q-graders worldwide. A Q-grader is what a vinologist is to wine. He discovers the most unique beans every time and brings out the (too) craziest flavours when roasting.


Our ambition is to provide our customers with radically good coffee, to roast 100% of our beans in the coffee belt so that more jobs, skills, and value can stay local; to ensure coffee farmers earn a living income and their communities thrive.

Our Microlot series allows us to transport YOU to coffee-growing countries throughout the world while offering a truly unique tasting experience. We aim to put a face and a name to the coffee you will be drinking and celebrate the skill and dedication that the growers have for their trade. In the same way, you would say thank you to your local barista in the morning, we want to acknowledge the tireless effort of all the farmers and roasters we will feature throughout the series. 


Currently, 90% of the proceeds of the total coffee production disappear into the pockets of a number of large multinationals, which we call the 'Big Coffee'. This means that the coffee farmers are left with only 10% of the value. Value where nothing has been 'added' - only 2% is actual profit! We may be entrepreneurs, but this imbalance cannot be justified in any way. 

By applying FairChain principles we leave 300% more money in the coffee-producing country. We also pay our farmers a 20% FairChain premium with the aim of growing towards a living income.

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