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May 25, 2020 2 min read


Buy Two Get One Free Moyee Coffee Offers

Can you help us protect the 2020 coffee harvest?

The current crisis has presented lots of challenges but has also reminded us that impact-driven companies must continue to work towards their impact goals.

For us that means protecting the coffee farmers and roasters in the coffee chain first of all. 

As part our new #ProtectTheChain campaign, when you buy 2KG coffee, you get 1KG free. You can keep this all for yourself to enjoy while working from home or keep the solidarity going and share with a friend.

Just add 3 x 1KG whole beans or ground coffee bags to the cart in our online shop and 1KG will automatically discount to free at checkout. 

Each bag of impact coffee we sell will help us maintain our original orders for the 2020 coffee harvest and keep our impact work going. 

Protect the Chain Best Coffee Beans

From Coffee at Work to Coffee at Home

Along with our partners in Amsterdam, we had planned to order thousands of kilos of impact coffee for tech companies and co-working spaces in Ireland and the Netherlands. Even though most workplaces are closed, we still want to maintain those original orders from Ethiopia & Kenya to support the whole coffee chain - and allow you have the best coffee at home.


Protect the Coffee Roasters - Maintaining Orders

A key part of our FairChain mission is to roast speciality coffee at origin in Ethiopia and Kenya.

We want to keep ordering coffee to protect livelihoods and to continue sending 300% more value back with each coffee bag.

Moyee Coffee Roastery Ethiopia

Protect the Coffee Farmers - Living Income Roadmap

The most vulnerable part of the coffee chain during the current crisis are the coffee farmers we work with in rural Ethiopia. A coffee farmer typically earns less than €400 per year in Ethiopia. We pay a 20% premium on all the crop, however, that's still not nearly enough.

A Living Income roadmap for farmers we have mapped out with the FairChain Foundation shows we need to get those farmers to about €1000 per year. 

The next coffee harvest in Ethiopia starts at the the end of November - we simply can't go backwards in our mission of a living income for farmers.

Moyee Coffee Farmer FairChain

Sustainable Coffee Company

In recent weeks, we've seen a huge interest in FairChain coffee. With the support of our new online coffee customers we have been able to re-order your favourite Single Origin and Double Blend coffee from Ethiopia and our Triple Blend and Dark Roast coffee from Kenya. 

You shared hundreds of kilos of coffee with your friends and family as part of our Buy One Gift One campaign in the last 6 weeks - and helped us donate the equivalent of 10,000 cups of coffee to frontline health workers in Ireland. 

As part of our #ProtectTheChain campaign, we wanted to keep that going so you can now add a donation bag to your cart for frontline workers.

Donate to Frontline Workers

Thanks for all your support to date in helping to #MakeEverySipCount!



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