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May 28, 2018 2 min read

FairChain is all about sharing and creating 50/50 partnerships with coffee-producing countries.

This month we’ve launched a campaign in Ireland to set off an impact rocket and directly support nearly 400 coffee-producers and their wider families in Ethiopia.
As a social business, our impact goals are as important as our business goals and that’s what the One Million Cup Revolution is all about.

This campaign aims to energise our FairChain coffee fans – who are already drinking Moyee at home and in their offices– and show the impact of each cup of coffee they drink. We’re also looking to grow the movement from an enthusiastic band of rebels to reach a wider group of impact legends! 

What does One Million Cups of FairChain coffee mean for Ethiopia?

We’ve calculated that selling one million cups in Ireland - that’s 1,000,000! - would support 391 coffee farmers, producers and roasters in Ethiopia directly. That’s ultimately a lot more people when you factor in their families and the wider communities they live in.

Due to our FairChain approach of roasting at origin, Moyee leaves 300% more value in Ethiopia compared to your average bag of coffee. That means this campaign in Ireland alone will send an extra €58,331 to Ethiopia as part of our FairChain impact.

Moyee Coffee Roastery
That’s money that never usually goes back to the coffee belt as 99.9% of the coffee you’ve ever had is roasted in the west. We’re also proud this added-value income helps support the livelihoods of 30+ people in our roastery in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Trade over aid in action!

One Million Cups of FairChain coffee sold in Ireland would also have a big environmental impact. Getting to this target protects 107 football fields worth of coffee-forest in Limu Genet, Ethiopia and saves 33,332 kg of CO2! At a time when coffee habitats are under pressure from climate change, we think this is something to help protect.

How Can I get involved in the One Million Cups campaign?

1. Switch your office over to FairChain coffee! 
2. Buy Coffee Online and get the best coffee beans or fresh ground coffee delivered to your door every month.
Try our Moyee Coffee taster pack or choose between:

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