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July 17, 2020 1 min read

The Moccamaster Coffee Maker is a fantastic coffee brewer for taking the hassle out of filter brewing. Ideal for mornings when you want a great cup of filter but don't have the time to stand over a brewer. 

Add a paper filter and some ground coffee, flick the switch and 6 minutes later you have a perfectly balanced jug of speciality coffee. Love it!

Here's our guide to upping your Moccamaster game.


What You'll Need:


Moccamaster Coffee Brew Guide

1. Fold the paper filter at the bottom and side

Moccamaster Filter Paper


2. Set the filter paper into a brewer/cone and rinse it with water

Moccamaster Coffee Maker Filter


3. Add the ground coffee into the brewer/cone

Moccamaster Grind Size


4. Add fresh water to the Moccamaster water chamber and fill the top line (10 cups)

Moccamaster Ireland


5. Flick the power switch and watch the water flow ;) 


6. Go about your business or wait 6 minutes for a delicious jug of filter coffee

Moccamaster Select Coffee


7. Serve up some radically good coffee and Make Every Sip Count! 

Moccamaster Special Offer Ireland



Shop Moccamaster 

Check out our full Moccamaster range of coffee machines available in 18 colours. Free delivery nationwide.

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