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June 05, 2020 2 min read

As we're still enjoying some lovely summer temperatures, Moyee Coffee shared value architect and Tokyo native - Yohei Ishikawa - shares his recipe for the delicious Japanese iced coffee. 

Yohei's background in coporate social responsibility, social business, impact investing and of course coffee led him to Ireland many years ago but he still loves to break out the ice cubes when we get some good weather.   

Yohei's Guide: How to Make Iced Coffee?

Yohei Ishikawa Moyee Coffee

What You Need for Our Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe:


Japanese Iced Coffee Brew Guide 

  1. Rinse the coffee filter paper with cold water.
    Psst we're using the great Kinto Coffee Filter Brewer but you can try this out with a Hario V60 or another dripper to make iced pour over.

    Iced Coffee Brew Guide Prep

  2. Put the ice cubes in the jug and set the brewer on top 

    How to Make Japanese Iced Coffee

  3. Put the 32g of ground coffee and pour 100g of hot water into the brewer (let bloom it for 45 seconds)

    Kinto Coffee Iced Coffee Recipe

  4. Pour the rest of the hot water into the brewer

    Iced Pour Over Recipe

  5. Remove the Kinto Brewer when it's finished dripping. Stir well and move the iced around the jug to make the coffee nice and cold. Serve in a cold glass with more ice cubes. Enjoy! 

    How to Make Iced Coffee at Home


Pro-tip: You might like to add some milk and syrup to turn to create an American style cafe-au-lait. 

Even better pro-tip: Add a little Amaretto or Bailey's Irish Creamto make it a Kinto Iced Coffee to remember....or not.

Iced Coffee Latte

Kinto Brewing Discount Codes

We have 10% off both Kinto brewers to help with your summer iced coffees. 

Buy the Kinto Brewer Set in White here and the Kinto Brewer Set in Black here

Just add the coupon code MOYEEKINTO at checkout to activate the discount code. 

 And don't forget to Make Every Sip Count!


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