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May 15, 2020 2 min read

Moyee Coffee's head caffeiner dealer here in Dublin shares this simple guide to brewing great coffee with your AeroPress Go coffee maker. 

Just like the regular AeroPress, it still makes a beautifully balanced cup of coffee in just 2 minutes. One of the best coffee makers around. 


Why I Love the new AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

Shane Ethiopia

The AeroPress is a great addition to any coffee set up - it's my go-to brewer for a quick shot of coffee if I'm heading out the door or running behind schedule (which is quite often). 

I bring my old AeroPress whenever I'm travelling (you know back when that was a thing) and even though it's a really compact coffee brewer, it never fit all in one compact cup and usually needed a separate bag to bring it along. 

What I love about the new AeroPress Go is it is ever-so-slightly smaller and it comes with a bespoke travel cup - and the AeroPress chamber, filters, stirer all fit perfectly into it. The best travel coffee maker. Great for compact storage in your kitchen too. 

All we need now are the road trips! 

What You Need to Brew Great AeroPress Coffee


AeroPress Brewing Guide - Inverted Method

  1. Put the plunger into the chamber and place it on the table. We're going with the AeroPress inverted method for this guide

AeroPress Inverted Method

  1. Put two AeroPress filter papers into a cap and rinse them with hot water

AeroPress Paper Filters

  1. Put 14 grams of ground coffee into the AeroPress chamber

    AeroPress Step Three
    Help I don't have a scales!

    The AeroPress comes with a scoop for just this. A heaped (rounded) scoop of coffee holds 14g or that's about 3 tablespoons.

    What is the grind setting for AeroPress?

    You can play around with different grind settings to get different flavours. We recommend a medium or medium-fine grind setting. Our filter grind will work well for this or if you have a grinder go with the size of granulated table salt.


  1. Pour 200ml of hot water (one minute off the boil) into the chamber and start a timer at the same time.

AeroPress Inverted Method step 4

  1. Give a few gentle stirs with the AeroPress stirer

AeroPress Stirer

  1. Place the lid on top of the chamber.

AeroPress Go Step 6

  1. When the timer hits 1:30, flip the AeroPress on to a jug or the handy new take away cup and slowly and steadily push down the plunger

AeroPress Go brew plunge

  1. Push the plunger down until you start to hear a slight hissing sound (keep going until all the water is gone if you want a bit more bitterness).  You're aiming to finish plunging at 2:00 minutes on the button!

    AeroPress Go Moyee
    That's that! Enjoy your cup of radically good AeroPress coffee at home or on the go.

    Any questions or feedback? Please feel free to contact us. 

    AeroPress Go - Discount Code - Coffee Maker Deals

    You can order the brand new AeroPress Go in our Moyee Coffee online shop here.

    Enter the coupon code AEROPRESSGO at checkout for 10% off* 

    *any implication this will lead to travel or going anywhere beyond a 5km radius not intended.

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