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April 08, 2020 2 min read

We talk about 50/50 Partnerships a lot at Moyee Coffee. In fact, it's one of the pillars of the FairChain movement. 

Sharing more of the value of your bag of sustinable coffee with those who produced it back at origin in Ethiopia and Kenya. Roasters, producers, farmers and their communities. 

The last three weeks have really highlighted more of those partnerships to us.

Local Partners in Ireland

Fantastic partners here in Ireland like our fulfilment centre Autofulfil, An Post and DPD are the reasons we have a business at the moment. 

We really appreciate their efforts - not just for our coffee deliveries - but other essential home deliveries that are keeping lots of businesses afloat. There's certainly a growing list of frontline workers who are maybe not usually considered as such. 

Building a Road 

As we’ve all been adjusting to our new working from home lives in Europe, we’ve been receiving updates all week from Misan Teferi in rural Ethiopia. 

Thanks to another partnership -  with the Department of Agriculture and Department of Foreign Affairs - we’ve been able to directly support fantastic infrastructure development projects at origin already. 

Projects which have a tangible impact on people’s lives. 

This week a 4km road was completed, creating a vital link to the Mizan coffee farm and the community of 345 families who live around it. Transport infrastructure plays a central role in rural development, access to healthcare, employment, and market access for handicrafts and coffee of course. 

That good news certainly cheered us up this week! 

Sharing Some Solidarity

Our current Buy One Gift One campaign - where you can give 1KG of our best coffee beans to a friend or frontline health worker with each 1KG bag you buy - is all about 50/50 partnership.

It goes without saying every order at the moment helps us keep the business running while our coffee at work customers are closed. 

But it’s been really fantastic delivering the gifted bags into frontline health workers in St Vincent’s Hospital and Beaumont Hospital this week and seeing your gifts arriving with friends and family.

Now, a quick call to action: 

Do you know anyone working in a hospital who could use a ground coffee or coffee beans delivery this week? We have more of your pledged bags to donate so please drop us a line

Get some wholebean coffee or ground coffee for you and spread some solidarity to a friend or family member:  Buy One Gift One by ordering here. 


Stay safe, stay home and brew some radically good coffee,


Shane, Killian & Yohei

Team Moyee Coffee

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